Fernando Ferri

European, engineer. Passion for tech & creativity

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Inspired by challenging projects


Great ideas are the first step to success

I am willing to meet talented people with passion and interest for innovation, entrepreneurship and making new projects together


Everything starts with a top team, in which everyone makes a difference

Working as a Team Lead building a team for over 3 years, I highly appreciate the value of being part of team in which everyone is part of the whole, heading the same goal and caring about your colleagues


As a Software (Data) Engineer, I have passion for Data Science and new technologies.

Currently I'm expanding my knowledge in the field / position of Big Data Data Scientist : R, Spark, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, AI, Business Intelligence (BI)...

After several years of experience as a Engineer and having taken a Master in Big Data, I am working in Barcelona as a Big Data Engineer - Data Scientist..



I am always looking for challenging projects:

Joining into startups or developing something new with entrepreneurs

MSc with ca 4 years European working experience.

Fields: Web & mobile development. Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, BI...

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Computer Science Engineer (MSc) with more than 4 years of International working experience.
Taking a Master and working in Swedish startups from 2009 to 2015